DEAR {First_Name?} ,

Hope you are doing well... 
I was recently at the Philadelphia shell show...
Its a small shell show.. but always well-attended and always great shells..
See some  of them below !
Here is a Great Selection for your to look at...  on my New Additions Page !!

                                              Click on high-lighted area to Check these out in my  :    "New Additions"     
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Its election time here in the USA.... difficult times and difficult choices..

Its my first time to vote as a US Citizen, and I believe it is a momentous election
with the future of the American way of life at stake.. and the future of our civilization !!
If you are a USA citizen ................
please click below and peruse before you vote .....
 "Before you vote"    **********

If you have any special requests for particular shells, please let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With warm regards


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