Terms of Sale
Purchasing Shells: 
Each specimen on the web-site has a code... for example CY-001..
so....when Ordering Shells from the price-list or New Shells List, please email me your order..
listing the code and the shell name.. to avoid any mistakes. Thank you.
Prices:  All prices are in Euros.
             BUT, payments must be made in US $ please, once you have received the invoice; unless otherwise arranged.
Payment: Cheque payments must be made out to Brian Hayes please.
All parcels will be sent , by default, by registered mail... and approximate postage rates are as follows:
  • Small registered parcels up to half a kg.....$ 20
  • Large registered parcels up to one kg........$ 30
If you do not want REGISTERED parcels... a cheaper option is available.. but is less secure.
Grading: HMS-ISGS grading.
Symbols used:
  • G = Gem*
  • F = Fine*
  • Gd = Good*
  • Fr = Fair*
  • W/O = With Operculum
  • W/P =With Periostracum
  • POR = Price On Request
*A plus (+) after a grading means that it is in-between that grade and the next grade up. A plus-plus (++) after a grading means that it could possibly be the next grade up.
Full Data:  is supplied with each shell. All shells are live-taken unless otherwise specified.
 Satisfaction is guaranteed by our quality shells, but if you are not happy for whatever reason,
 shells must be returned within seven (7) days of receipt for a full refund, credit or replacement.
  • Money orders or Postal orders CANNOT BE ACCEPTED
  • Payments via PayPal will be charged an additional 4 %.
  • Parcels over $500 will be sent by Courier postage
        Over-payments will be credited to your account. Established customers may order on open account
        and must pay within seven days of receipt of shells.
  •  Payments may be by cheque in U.S. Dollars (drawn on a U.S. Bank - NB!)
  • Cheques in EUROS are acceptable if made by prior agreement
  • Payments by electronic transfer or Bank transfer are acceptable
     but full invoice amount is to be received into my account please to my bank.
My BANK details:
Account name: BRIAN HAYES
NC 27609, U.S.A.
Account #: 2000-0482-04099
ABA NR  053000219

E-Mail us at brian@algoabayusa.com and we will be glad to help with any queries. We look forward to hearing from you soon !!