Links to Related Sites
Here are a number of other sources of information on shells which you might like to reference
Aegean Shells Exceptional site with exceptional shells.
Conchologists of America Society and magazine : News about Conventions, publications, grants etc
David Touitou site Lots of articles and pictures and good shell information
Eddy Hardy 53000 + photos and 6000+  Type specimens of gastropods
Femorale The Coltro's site: Lots of Brazilian shells
Guido Poppe Well-known Belgian dealer's site
Jacksonville Shell Club Home pag : lots about collecting in Florida and the USA
Malacological Cabinet Emilio Power's site on shells - good for LIGUUS collectors!
Man and Mollusc A Resource Site for Students, Educators etc wanting to learn more about Molluscs
Peggy Williams Leads world-wide Shell Trips: pack those bags...
Schooner Specimen Shells Specialists in the Unusual!
Shell Passion Philippe Quiquandon's site: really top quality shells
The Shell Store Bob Lipe (St. Petersburg, Florida): Shells, Crafts and Gifts New site: variety of shell-related information
Association of French Conchology Lots of info about French Conchology!
Urgently: • Cypraea amphithales live • Cypraea midwayensis live • Cypraea ostergaardi live • Cypraea fultoni amorimi dead or alive! ;) • Festilyria ponsonbyi - live
Cypraea cruickshanki Cypraea garciae  
Cypraea lisetae Cypraea nymphae  
Cypraea broderipii somalica    
Cypraea barbieri    
Cypraea fultoni fultoni    
abrolhosensis danilae friedae
africanus deynzerorum glicksteini
anaglypticus donnae grangeri
belloquae eduardi hammamotoi
biraghii edwardpauli honkeri
caillaudii estivali ikedai
cuna evansi kevani
lamberti lightbourni ortneri
leekremeri moylani  
Morum exquisitum