About the Shells
There are many other endemic species in South Africa which has a long coast of about 2000 miles. This coast varies from a temperate zone with the cold Atlantic Ocean marine fauna to a very sub-tropical zone with the warm Indian Ocean marine fauna. The diversity of the S. African molluscan group is incredible and provides many endemic species from a great variety of families. For example : on the right is the very rare Cowry Cypraea  castanea Higgins, 1868 and on the left is the rare orange form of Conus pictus Reeve, 1843. There are many excellent inter-tidal and beach collecting localities, perhaps the most famous of which is Jeffreys Bay. This is a short 45 minute drive from Port Elizabeth.
Over the last 25 years scuba divers in South Africa have made possible the study of living animals of many species which had never been seen before. Two beautiful groups of Molluscs are the Olives and Trivias. On the right is the Olive Melapium lineatum Lamarck, 1822. This lovely creature seems to have its own portable carpet. It is commonly called the Onion shell. On the far right is a small member of the Triviidae called Trivia suavis Schilder, 1931. It has a mantle which covers the entire shell and it is this mantle which imparts the natural gloss to the shell.

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