About the Owner :
Brian has been collecting and diving for shells for 25 years. He is married to Sharon and has 4 boys - aged 13 to 25 year old. He has an honors degree in Zoology and has done research on Mollusks at University. He continues his scientific research from home and has written numerous articles and also described several new species in the last few years (e.g. Trivia sharonae, Marginella spiralineata, Marginella lussii, Marginella croukampi, Marginella broderickae and many more). He also has numerous shells named after him, one of which can be seen below.

Brian is a specialist collector of world-wide Marginellidae. South Africa has a coast-line of 3000 km and has over 50 Marginellid species along its coast-line. One of the fascinating things about South African Marginella is the fact that they tend to vary in color from one locality to another. Another interesting feature of Marginella in particular is that there are a large number of sinistral specimens in existence.

Brian and his family emigrated to the USA in 2009 and now reside in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Two magnificent species are shown in these two photographs. 
On the left is M. hayesi Bozzetti, 1993 – found in the western Cape area ; 
and on the right M. lussii Hayes & Millard, 1995, which is found in the Transkei area. 
This is in the eastern part of the country.