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   Conus brianhayesi

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Entemnotrochus charlestonensis
, 46mm , live taken, w/o
Half Moon Bay, Roatan, Honduras
Found at 400m by research submersible
SUPER RARE.... one of the Rarest Pleuros... new locality
for this species...ID confirmed by DNA.... Only one !


Entemnotrochus adansonianus
, 105mm length, 112mm base, w/o
Half Moon Bay, Roatan, Honduras
Found at 100m by research submersible

Large and beautiful ..superb quality !!!
Seldom offered !
Є 1800 ($ 2250)
Cypraea iutsui atlantica
F++ , 28mm  , live taken
Soetwater, Cape Town, S. Africa
Dived at 45m on reef
Beautiful spotted dorsal markings. ! Usually a uniform cream dorsum... so this is a great rarity !  Fantastic.... !!!!
Є 790 ($ 985)
Altivasum flindersi
  151mm, Live taken, w/o
Woody Is, Esperance, W. Australia
Dived at night at 15m..
Large... FANTASTIC color... from Peter Clarkson
collection... dived in 1994. Really outstanding specimen,
VERY seldom offered with such a mature thick lip !!
Є 1200 ($ 1500)
Cypraea tigris schilderiana
Gem-,  124.8mm,  live-taken
Nanakuli, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived on reef at 20m.
Fantastic quality... no visible flaws. GREAT , dark
spotting and beautiful mantle line.. !! For a discerning
collector !!!!!!!!!!
Є 400 ($ 500)

Pterynotus bednalli
F++,  70mm,  live-taken, w/o
Darwin Harbor, N.T., Australia
Dived at 20m on reef.
Really beautiful ! Long extended wings...small chip in anterior wing.. but fantastic color.... LARGE !!! NOT
found this size any more. From Peter Clarkson collection
Є595 ($ 740)

Siratus evelynae    Houart,  2012
Gem- ,
92mm  ,  live taken, w/o
Davao, Philippines
Ex tangle nets at 160m
Very Rare !!! Newly described. Known from only a
hand-ful of specimens...  Only one !!
Є 680 ($  850)            
Semicassis adcocki  
F++, 37mm , dead-taken
Donington Is, Pt Lincoln, S. Australia
Dived at 10m on sand.
Very RARE....  Large and beautiful !!!
Є 152 ($  190)

Bolma andersoni 
, 77mm,  live-taken  , w/o
Park Rynie, Natal, S. Africa
Dived at 45m on reef.

A superb specimen !! RARE... Gorgeous colors !!!!!
Є 140 ($  175)
Conus species novum       
F++,  34mm,  dead-taken
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
From fish traps at 100m

Probably a NEW SPECIES...Only one.. for specialist !!
Є 480 ($ 600)
Nodipecten fragosus
93mm, Live-taken
Panama City, Florida, USA
Dived at 35m, on reef

DEEP, DARK RED specimen.... Never seen such a dark
wine-red color... Amazing knobs as well. !!!!!!!
Є 120 ($  150)                  
Spondylus linguafelis     
Gem- , 115mm, live-taken 
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived at 30m on wreck.
Superlative specimen !! Fantastic DARK purple...
Lovely long spines on BOTH SIDES of the valves !!!!
Є 240 ($  300)
Gyroscala iwaotakii     (Epitoniidae)
Gem, 40 mm , live-taken
East China Sea
Trawled at 350-400m.

VERY RARE... seldom offered...... Wonderful !
Є 120 ($  150)
Echinophoria kurodai
, 68mm , live-taken, w/o
East China Sea
Trawled at 300m. Local fishermen
Superb Quality !! Great knobs and banded pattern !!
Є 40 ($  50)
Conus leviteni
Gem-, 54mm,  live-taken  , w/o
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived at 20m on reef.
Very DARK.... superb specimen !! LARGE ... great pattern... and banding.
Є 80 ($  100)

Spondylus linguafelis     
F+++ , 92mm, live-taken 
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived at 30m on wreck.
Wonderful... and RARE ORANGE form.. with beautiful
pink markings. !!
Є 160 ($  200)
Spondylus linguafelis     
Gem- , 97mm, live-taken 
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived at 30m on wreck.

LONG, beautiful spines... really amazing specimen !!!
Є 200 ($  250)

Cypraea mauritiana
Gem-, 88 mm , live-taken
Yokahama, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived at 2m under ledge at night
 HUGE specimen ..very DARK... almost BLACK... the shell is FAR better than the photos show......
Є 95 ($  120)

Cypraea ostergaardi
F+, 17mm , dead-taken
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived on reef at 35m.

Very Rare species... NOT found alive any more... after
hurricane some years back... Nice spotting.
Є 150 ($  190)

Homolocantha anatomica pele
F+++ , 52mm,  live-taken  , w/o
Nanakuli, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived on reef at 20m, on ledge
Very LARGE...Rare RED form.... great specimen !!
Є 75 (95)
Colus periscelidus  (Buccinidae)
Gem , 47mm , Live taken, w/o
Off Alaska, USA
Dived at 20m on reef

RARE.. DARK form.. SUPERB quality !! Seldom seen
like this.... Only one !
Є 120 ($  150)
Perotrochus quoyanus
F+++,  38mm,  live-taken , w/o
Half Moon Bay, Roatan, Honduras
Found at 300m by research submersible
RARE.... Super quality... usually with bad growth marks.
Only a little rough at aperture.. Really great !
Є 1520 ($  1900)

Conus scottjordani Poppe, Monnier Tagaro,2012
46mm  , live taken, w/o
Palawan, Philippines
Dived at 20m on reef, at night
Newly described Species !! Gorgeous pattern.......
Є 75 (95)

Cypraea spadicea
F+ , 47mm , Live taken
Long Beach Harbor, Calif., USA
Dived at 25m on ship-wreck.

Fantastic DARK.... RED... dorsum from rust on ship
wreck... Amazing color ! Some damage to dorsum.. BUT
has been naturally glossed over by animal !!
Є 150 ($  185)
Acesta sphoni      (Limidae)
Gem,  88mm,  live-taken
Catalina Is., Calif, USA
Trawled at 450m.
VERY Large !!!!! VERY Rare !! exceptional quality !!!
Є 160 ($  200)

Cypraea tesselata
35mm  , live-taken
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived on reef at 35m.
VERY Rare now... seldom found alive any more.
has soft growth line on dorsum.......  LARGE..
Є 152 ($  190)
Cypraea tigris schilderiana
Gem-,  106mm,  live-taken
Nanakuli, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived on reef at 20m.
Wonderful specimen... HUGE marginal spotting..
Bluish color coming high up margins... Dark dorsum !!
Є 140 ($  175)
Pterynotus triformis
Gem- , 72mm , Live taken, w/o
Thorny Passage, Pt. Lincoln, S. Australia
Dived at 15m on reef

LARGE and Gorgeous !! Superb flanges... Not often
found like this.... any more... From Peter Clarkson
Є 185 ($  230)
Cypraea chinensis tortirostris
Gem-,  18mm,  live-taken
Xai Xai, Mozambique
Dredged at 100m
VERY RARE !! Superb quality... seldom found live !
Fantastic specimen for specialist collector.... Only
one... probably will not be found like this for many
years................... !!!!
Є 220 ($  275)