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 Conus brianhayesi

  Marginella hayesi 

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These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!


Cypraea broderipii    
, 78mm,  live-taken
Off  Natal, S. Africa
Dived a on reef at 40m..
Superlative specimen....  Fantastic color and clarity
of pattern.  Gorgeous pink and orange dorsum !
Chicoreus fosterorum              
, 56mm,  live-taken, w/o
Off  Natal, S. Africa
Dived a on reef at 40m..
Exceptional specimen : UNIQUE !! Pure orange 
form... first time ever seen. For specialist !!
Chicoreus fosterorum              
, 60mm,  live-taken, w/o
Off  Natal, S. Africa
Dived a on reef at 40m..
Super Large specimen !! Rarely seen this large.
Beautiful fronding !
$ 150 (Є  108) 
Cypraea vercoi candida                           
F+ , 64mm,  live-taken  
Hopetown, SW Australia
Dived on sponge at 62m.
Wonderful specimen. Small nick in posterior canal.
Very rare.... !!!!!!!!                                              
$ 965 (Є  700)   
Charonia variegata                
F++ ,
275mm,  live-taken  
Dived at 10m. 
Beautiful specimen......Rare GOLDEN form !!
$ 125 (Є  90)
Cypraea castanea castanea
F++ , 32mm , live-taken 
Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Dived at 35m on reef 
SUPER RARE - live-taken !!! Very few live ones have
ever been found.. !! 
$ 1800 (Є  1300)
Cypraea eludens
Gem, 64mm , live-taken
Off Exmouth, W. Australia
Dived on sponge at 35m.                       
Exceptional quality !! Large.. and high domed specimen. Wonderful blue "halo" around dorsum !
 $ 2200 (Є  1590) 

Cypraea cumingii cleopatra       
, 21 mm , live-taken
Tahiti, French Polynesia
Dived at 15m.                                      
Superb Gem specimen... Always very, very rare !!

$ 250 (Є  180)
Cypraea connelli 
, 23mm, live-taken 
Coffee Bay, South Africa
Dredged at 100m                                  
One of the rarest Cypraea... always from deep water.
$ 1775 (Є  1280)
Cypraea friendii
, 97mm, live-taken
Albany; W Australia
Dived on sponge at  30 m                       
Beautiful - and LARGE... Wonderul chocolate
base and spotting................... 
$ 263 (Є  190)  
Cypraea theristes contraria     
, 67mm, live-taken  
Great Australian Bight
Trawled at 160m                                    
Superb  specimen !! Very rare !! Soft growth line
on labral margin... otherwise fantastic.
$ 1750 (Є  1263)
Cypraea friendii insulata
, 91mm, live-taken
Esperance;  W Australia
Dived on sponge at  30 m                       
Very large... some soft growth lines.. Beautiful
leopard-like marginal spotting !!!!
$ 207 (Є 150)
Cymbiola magnifica               
, 257mm, live-taken
Port Jackson, NSW, Australia 
Trawled at 80m
Lovely , large specimen !!
$ 70 (Є 50)
Cymbium marocanus         
, 185mm, live-taken 
takoradi, Ghana, W. Africa
Dredged in 60m 
Large and beautiful. Great quality !! 
$ 180 (Є 130)