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 Conus brianhayesi

  Marginella hayesi 

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These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!


Cypraea cruickshanki          
, 29mm,  live-taken
Off Durban, Natal, S. Africa
Trawled in 450m..
Superlative specimen....  Impossible to get fresh any more now... Very rare !!!! One of the rarest Cyps.
Cypraea garciae              
, 20mm,  live-taken
Off Pyramid Reef, Easter Island
Dived at 36m 
Exceptional specimen : beautiful  pattern ;   Wonderful large , dark marginal spotting.
Lyria beaui
, 58mm,  live-taken, w/o
From traps at 200m
Very rare !!! Fantastic live-taken specimen !! 
$ 850 (Є  654) 
Cypraea volvens             
Gem , 23mm,  live-taken  
Port Alfred, S. Africa
Dredged at 80m
Wonderful specimen.. Very rare now.. Superb !!!!!
$ 1850 (Є  1423) 
Somalipecten cranmerorum                 
Gem - ,
64mm,  live-taken  
Trawled at 120m 
Beautiful specimen......dark orange ribs !!!!!!!
$ 450 (Є  346)
Conus spiceri
F++ , 111mm , live-taken, w/o
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived at 25m in sand channel in reef 
Best specimen seen... Fantastic size and quality. Seldom seen and offered like this.  
$ 220 (Є  170)
Cypraea fallax 
F+ , 31mm , fresh  
east of Denmark, SW Australia
On beach after storm 
Exceptional quality for dead specimen...........
Super rare ....... seldom offered. Only one !
 $ 515 (Є  396) 

Cypraea ostergaardi         
, 16.7 mm , dead-taken
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived at 25m.
These are not being found live any more... This is
a superb dead-taken specimen... !!!! 

$ 895 (Є  688))
Cypraea cassiaui  
, 23mm, live-taken 
Nuka Hiva, Marquesas
Under rocks at 30 m
Excellent ... very rare... super purple pustules !!
$ 775 (Є  595)
Godreyena torri
, 63mm, dead-taken
Esperance, SW Australia
Dived on sand at night, 30-40m
Beautiful - gorgeous... exceptional color.
and sculpture.. always in demand !!
$ 120 (Є  92)
Chicoreus boucheti      
, 34mm, live-taken , w/o
SW Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
Dredged at 300m
Superb very large specimen !! Very rare deep-yellow
color form. One of best yet seen !!!
$ 995 (Є  765)
Semicassis adcocki
, 32mm,  live-taken, w/o
east Esperance, SW Australia
Dived at 35m...... on reef at night
Very large... and exceptional specimen !!!!
$ 175 (Є 135)
Cypraea amphithales               
, 25mm, fresh dead 
Algoa Bay, S. Africa 
Dived at 20 m.
Superb quality and pattern... for dead-taken 
specimen... Very rare live... seldom offered.
$ 350 (Є 269)
Conus anemone         
, 46mm, live-taken 
Esperance, SW Australia
Dived on reef at 30-40m 
Fantastic deep orange-red color form... Extremely
rare... Only one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
$ 80 (Є 62)
Cypraea bernardi            
Gem , 14 mm ,  live-taken
Arve, Tahiti, oceanside
Dived at 60m at night 
Fantastic live-taken specimen. Seldom found live !!
$ 1200 (Є 923 )
Cypraea algoensis bettyensis 
, 21mm, live-taken  
Bettys Bay, S. Africa
Dived on reef at 25m 
Very rare... albinistic form.... super  hard to find
and almost never offered........
$ 250 (Є 192)   
Cypraea colligata        
F  , 28mm , dead-taken 
Coffee Bay, Transkei, S. Africa
Dredged at 100m
Super rare..... Only a hand-ful have ever been
found... and only a couple live-taken. Only one !
$ 950 (Є 730)
Serratifusus virginiae (Buccinidae)    
Gem  , 51mm , live-taken 
Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
Dredged at 350m 
Very rare... best quality yet found.....
$ 150 (Є 115)
Volutoconus hargreavesi daisyae   
,89mm, fresh dead 
West Australia, from old collection
Trawled at 150m 
Beautiful specimen !! Very, very rare - characteristic
axial ribbing... Seldom offered... !
$ 1250 (Є 961)
Conus leviathan   
, 87mm, live-taken 
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived on reef at 20m
Wow ! you dont often get them this large !!
fantastic specimen.. Lovely marginal tubercles. !
$ 130 (Є 100)