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     Marginella hayesi 

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These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!


Cypraea stolida  "niger and rostrate"
, 29mm, live-taken  
Noumea, New Caledonia
Dived on reef at 10m
Beautiful.. has 2 small naturally healed
spots on the dorsum. but lovely still !! 
$ 50 (Є  38)  
Cypraea stolida  "niger and rostrate"
, 38mm, live-taken  
Noumea, New Caledonia
Dived on reef at 10m
Superlative specimen... !  Lovely dark
black dorsum.... Really outstanding !
$ 250 (Є  188)  
Spondylus pickeringae          
F+++,  134mm,  live-taken  
Sinai, Egypt
Dived on reef at 25 m
Fantastic long spines... Really an 
incredible shell.... Top class !!! 
$ 395 (Є  297) 
Spondylus americanus
, 174mm, live-taken  (HUGE)
Off Florida, USA 
Dived  at 35m - true deep water form.
Has gorgeous pink spines... true deep
water form.. with spines projecting from
base as well.  Selected specimen.... a 
real collector's item. Fantastic quality !
Pleurotomaria adansonianus bermudensis
, 59mm , dead-taken
Off St. David's Island, Bermuda
Trawled at 400m
Super rare !!  Gorgeous deep-red flaming
blotches and streaks.. Almost impossible
to get now.. and never live-taken....
Pleurotomaria anseeuwi
F+++ ,  34mm,  live-taken, w/o
Cebu, Philippines
ex tangle nets at 325m
Fantastic specimen... ! Great color ! !
$ 66 (Є  50)  
    Pleurotomaria beyrichii
+, 65mm,  live-taken, w/o
Tateyama Pref., Japan
In fishing nets at 80-120m
- very dark and rich orange-red
color..... superb and bautiful !!! 
$ 795 (Є  598)  
Pleurotomaria caledonicus
F++, 30mm, live-taken
South New Caledonia
Dredged at 240m
Superb specimen..... rare smooth form !
$ 66 (Є  50)
Pleurotomaria gotoi 
, 52mm,  live-taken  
Balut Island, Philippines
Ex tangle nets at 250m
Fantastic color and quality !!!
$ 100 (Є  75)
Pleurotomaria lucaya
, 37mm , live-taken, w/o
Grand Bahamas, Caribbean
Trawled at 420m
Very Rare - from old collection !!!!
Unusual depressed spire form...
Great quality - seldom offered.
$ 1925 (Є  1450)   
  Pleurotomaria maureri
, 42mm , live-taken, w/o
Off Jacksonville, Florida
Trawled at 450m
Wonderful specimen... Marvellous Color ! 
$ 1925 (Є 1450) 
Pleurotomaria vicdani
F+++ ,  60mm,  live-taken, w/o
Cebu, Philippines
ex tangle nets at 325m

Very LARGE and fantastic quality !!!!!!
$ 259  (Є 195)