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     Marginella hayesi 

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These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!


Cypraea friendii  - Golden !
, 67mm, live-taken (with animal) 
Peppermint Beach , W.Australia
Dived on reef at 60m
Very rare
GOLDEN form ! Illustrated in
Wilson book... Not baked.. has animal 
inside. Fantastic shell  !!!!!!!!!!!!
Cypraea ketyana hypermarginata
Gem,  52mm,  live-taken
Bernier Is., Australia
Dived on sponge at 35m
Superlative specimen... !  Lovely dark
orange base.. cream dorsum !!!
Cypraea eludens          
Gem-, 60mm,  live-taken  
Off Exmouth, NW Australia
Dived on sponge at 40m
Fantastic dark dorsum.... lovely chocolate markings... beautiful margins and terminals.......outstanding.. !! 
Lambis chiragra
F+++,  294mm,  live-taken
Cebu, Philippines
Dived on sand at 12m...
Fantastic specimen... ! Huge and Lovely !
    Conus alconnelli
+, 40mm,  live-taken
park Rynie, natal, S. Africa
Dredged at 150m
Large ! Exceptional quality for this
super rare species !!! 
Cypraea barclayi               
G , 23mm,  live-taken 
Natal, S. Africa
Dredged at 100m
Superb specimen..... still very very rare !!
$ 895 (Є  745)
Volutoconus bednalli     (Dwarf)
, 70mm,  live-taken  
Broome, W. Australia
Dived at 30m on sand.
Most amazing  - DWARF - fully mature.!
$ 295 (Є  245)
Pterynotus bednalli
, 87mm , w/o
Broome, W. Australia
Dived at 15m on sand.
Very Rare -this size !! Couple small nicks
but fantastic wings and color - from old
collection !!!!!!!!! 
  Chicoreus conatus         
F+++ , 67mm , live-taken, w/o
Esperance, W. Australia
Dived at 32m
Superb specimen.... Very rare !!  
$ 300 (Є 250) 
Cypraea ostergaardi
, 19mm, crabbed 
Oahu, Hawaii, USA 
Dived on reef at 20m.
Very rare now... no more live-taken. !
$ 250  (Є 208) 
Pterynotus sabayiensis
+ , 45mm , live-taken , w/o
Off Arnhem Is, N. Territory, Australia
Dredged at 50m. 
Very rare ! Only one - seldom offered...
Hexaplex stainforthi
, 60-67mm, live-taken, w/o 
80-mile beach, W. Australia 
under rocks at low tide.
Set of 4 - superb specimens of different
colors: Brown, orange, pink + white
Cypraea surinamensis           
, 31mm,  live-taken  
Off Natal, N. Brazil
Trawled by local fishermen
A real beauty : Dark orange markings !
$ 270 (Є 225)
Haustellum wilsoni   
, 78mm, live-taken , w/o
Off Margaret River, S. W. Australia
Trawled at 250m...
Exceptional !!  Very rare... only one..!!!
$ 1380 (Є 1150)