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     Marginella hayesi 

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These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!


Cypraea aurantium              
F++ , 89mm,  live-taken  
Davao, Philippines
Dived at 30m on reef
Superb, dark orange.... outsranding.. !! 
$ 75 (Є  55) 
Cypraea fultoni massieri
, 75mm, live-taken 
Off southern Mozambique 
Trawled at 120m
Very rare now... in this excellent quality.
Lovely dark dosrsum... !!
$ 1250 (Є  950)  

Cypraea broderipii
F++  77mm,  live-taken
Natal, S. Africa
Dived on reef at 35 m

Fantastic dark specimen... ! Lovely !
Soft growth mark on dorsym and 
mark on base.. but clear pattern and
dark margins..
    Lyria lyraeformis
, 102mm,  live-taken
Mogadishu, Somalia
Trawled at 80m.
Very rare.. Somalian form !! Strong, sparse ribs.. much broader.. Only 1  
$ 400 (Є  300)  
Lyria solangeae     Bozzetti, 2008               
, 63mm,  live-taken
Tolagnaro, Madagascar
Dived on reef at 20m.
Very Large  ! Recently described... 
Superb specimen..... rarely offered
$ 499 (Є  375)  
Cypraea hirasei        
, 31mm,  live-taken  
Pescadores IS., Off Taiwan
Trawled at 200-300m
Very rare dwarf population... only from
deep-water in this one location between
China and Taiwan... Fantastic
Pteropurpura bequaerti
, 32mm 
Off Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, USA 
Dredged at 180 m on sand
Very Rare - seldom offered... 
This from an old collection.. only one. 
$ 185 (Є 139)   
  Mitra hayashi                  
Gem  ,47mm, live-taken   
Off Taiwan,
Trawled at 100-200m
Fantastic specimen... perfect ! 
$ 60 (Є 45) 
Murexiella hidalgoi                    
, 28mm,  live-taken  , w/o
Off Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, USA 
Dredged at 180 m on sand
Rare and beautiful... Lovely spines.
 $ 130  (Є 97) 
Voluta hilli         
F++ ,  77 mm,  live-taken 
Dredged at 50 m on sand
Superb colour ; Large size, strong ribs !!!
Cymbiola aulica  
++ , 144mm , live-taken 
Zamboanga , Philippines
Dived at 30-50m on reef... 
VERY LARGE... lovely knobs !!!
$ 175 (Є 129) 
Scaphella dubia kieneri   
++  , 176mm , live-taken 
Off Ship Shoal Light, USA
Dredged at 190m. on silt. 
Beautiful and superb quality for species.
Nodipecten magnificus
, 186mm, live-taken 
Dived on reef at 20m.
Super colour and quality ! Latge !!!
 $ 550 (Є 412)
Cypraea mappa                  
, 82mm,  live-taken  
Davao, Philippines
Dived on reef at 10-20m  
A real beauty : Dark pink and exceptional pattern !!!
Spondylus multimuricatus     
, 132mm, live-taken  
Calituban Is.,, Philippines
Dived on reef at  20m  
Superb !!!. lovely purple-red spines.. 
$ 80 (Є 59)
Chicoreus protoglobosus   
, 45mm, live-taken , w/o
New Caledonia
Dredged at 300-350m
Exceptional !! Very rare - seldom offered
Cymbiola thatcheri   
, 88mm, live-taken  
Chesterfields, New Caledonia 
Dived on reef at 15m
Large - - exceptional quality !! Superb.
$ 367 (Є 275)
Lyria tulearensis 
, 70mm, fresh dead
South Madagascar 
Trawled at 50m....
Large and beautiful... Rare thi size.
$ 220 (Є 165)
Conus victor
, 33mm, live-taken 
Limbata Is., Indonesia 
Dived at 8-10m.
Lovely banding... beautiful.
Conus wittigi    
, 26mm, live-taken 
Limbata Is., Indonesia 
Dived at 8-10m.
Fairly uncommon..... seldom offered..