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     Marginella hayesi 

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These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!

  Bursidae ; Cassidae ;  Conidae ; Cypraeidae, Fasciolariidae
  Marginellidae; Muricidae ; Olividae; Pectinidae ; Pleurotomariidae 
  Spondylidae; Strombidae


Cypraea cruickshanki 
, 29mm,  live-taken
Off Durban, South Africa
Trawled at 400m

This species is so very rare... 

and although this mature specimen 
does not yet have a calloused base..
still a fantastic find !!
From old collection !!

Cypraea iutsui iutsui 
, 27mm,  live-taken
Off Algoa Bay, South Africa
Ex Cray Traps at 100m

Fantastic, globose specimen... 
Gorgeous dark blotching... one tiny
sand inclusion on dorsum..
Very mature and calloused !!!!!


Cypraea iutsui iutsui 
, 29mm,  live-taken
Off Algoa Bay, South Africa
Ex Cray Traps at 100m

Lovely specimen......Delicate dorsal
markings.... base not very calloused,
but globose mature specimen !!!

Conus algoensis algoensis                          
, 24mm,  live-taken , w/o
Hangklip, False Bay, S. Africa
Under rocks, intertidal 

Super Rare live-taken!!!! Fantastic 
specimen.... slight rough lip.... 
hardly EVER offered.....
$ 250 (Є  165)  
Vokesimurex bayeri                 
F+++  ,
88mm, live-taken , w/o
Cartagena, Columbia
Trawled at 50m.
Large with beautiful spines !!!
$60 (Є 40)   

Cypraea friendii friendii                       
F++ , 70mm,  live-taken  
Forrest Beach, Busselton, W. Australia
Dived on reef at 12m

Fantastic Blue dorsum..... with gorgeous dark chocolate spotting....
Really a striking shell !
$ 90 (Є 60) 
Murex hennequini           
F++ ,  106mm,  live-taken, w/o
S. Cartagen, Columbia
Trawled at 100-120m.
Lovely specimen......Large and rare !!
$ 125 (Є 83) 

Fusinus hayesi     
++  , 56mm , live-taken, w/o
Algoa Bay
Trawled at 200m 

Very very rare.... seldom offered.
Super specimen....
$ 95 (Є 63) 
Siratus cailleti kugleri    
+++  , 51mm , live-taken, w/o
St Barthelemy, French West Indies
Trawled at 150-200m 
Very nice ! Quite uncommon !!
 $ 35 (Є 23) 

Cypraea algoensis permarginata
,  18.5mm, live-taken   
Cape St. Francis, South Africa
From Cray Traps at 150m +

The real one... Very, very rare !!!
Beautiful globose... specimen...

 $ 275 (Є 183) 
Siratus senegalensis 
, 62mm, live-taken, w/o
Off Guapari, Brazil 
On muddy sand at low tide
Lovely spines and protoconch !
 $ 15 (Є10) 
Vokesimurex rubidus panamicus     
, 27mm, live-taken , w/o
Off east Hinduras
Dived at 12m on muddy sand
Dark orange.... superb specimen !!
 $ 20 (Є 13)
Haustellum serratospinosus      
, 82mm, live-taken , w/o
Tuticorin, India
Superb quality and pattern
$ 10 (Є 7)
Siratus vicdani
, 49mm, live-taken  , w/o
Ex tangle nets 180-200m
Fantastic specimen !!!!!!!!!!!
$ 60 (Є 40)
Haustellum fernandesi 
+, 55mm, live-taken 
Bazaruto Is., Mozambique 
By fishermen in deep water
Very rare.... seldom offered !!
$ 50 (Є 33)
Siratus motacilla 
, 57mm, live-taken, w/o
Off west coast of Barabdos 
In traps at 120m.
Beautiful spines and color !!!
$ 50 (Є 33)