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     Fake Cypraea carneola..... Did you guess correctly ? 

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  Bursidae ; Cassidae ;  Conidae ; Cypraeidae, Fasciolariidae
  Marginellidae; Muricidae ; Olividae; Pectinidae ; Pleurotomariidae 
  Spondylidae; Strombidae


Cypraea iutsui levissima 
, 33mm,  live-taken
Off west coast of South Africa
Trawled at 200m

This form is so very rare...
only a hand-ful 
have ever been found....

This sub-species is characterized by
the sub-adult appearance. All specimens
are like this and it is what defines the

Perotrochus maureri                       
, 39mm,  live-taken , w/o
90 miles off East Charleston, S. Carolina
taken at 195m

Super specimen ! Very rare !
Hardly ever offered !!

Lovely banding, lip and spire !!


Perotrochus quoyanus insularis
, 46mm,  crabbed
south shore Bermuda Island, 1 mile south of
Castle Roads, founf in 1998
taken at 415 m in baited crab trap

Incredibly rare. Very few ever found.. and
none for 10 years or more.
Probably will not  be fished again.....

Once in a life-time.... kind of shell....

Homolocantha anomaliae                             
, 50mm,  live-taken , w/o
Davao, Philippines
Ex tangle nets at 200-300m

Very Rare live-taken!!!! Fantastic 
specimen.... lovely spines !!!
$ 350 (Є  200)  

Pterynotus bednalli                   
F++  ,
58mm, live-taken , w/o
Broome, W. Australia
Live in shallow water !

Lovely spines... cream with lovely brown
markings.. Rare now...........
$ 275 (Є  183)   

Pterynotus elongatus                        
F++ , 78mm,  live-taken , w/o
Cebu, Philippines
Dived on reef at 10-15m

Super specimen ! Very
large and rare
dark pink colour...  only one...
$ 95 (Є  65) 

Chicoreus emilyae                
F+++,  57mm,  live-taken, w/o
Gorda banks, Honduras
Dredged at 20m on sand

Very dark orange, nice spines !!
large and exceptionally beautiful !
$ 125 (Є 83) 

Pterynotus loebeckii     
++  , 57mm , live-taken, w/o
Punta Engano, Philippines
Tangle nets at 200-300m 

VERY rare ALBINO specmimen.....
Large and beautiful....... 
$ 925 (Є 615) 

Pterynotus loebeckii     
++  , 57mm , live-taken, w/o
Balut Island, Philippines
Tangle nets at 240 m 

Very beautiful long apines.. Fantastic dark
orange colour.... !
 $ 250 (Є 165) 

Homolocantha anatomica pele
, 30-40mm, live-taken  , w/o
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Dived on reef at 20m

Set of 3 different colours... really superb !
Yellow, dark pink and Mauve  !!!

 $ 95 (Є 63) 

Ptychatractus new sp. 
, 27mm, live-taken, w/o
Off Mossel Bay, 
Trawled at 100m
Very rare... only this single specimen
has been found...
 $ 95 (Є 63) 

Turridae : New genus, new species       
, 20mm, live-taken 
Coffee Bay, South Africa
Dredged at 100m

Unknown, new Turrid species.....
only one...
 $ 110 (Є 73)

Turridae : New genus, new species       
, 20mm, live-taken , w/o
Algoa Bay, South Africa
Ex Cray traps at 100m

Unknown, new Turrid species.....
only one...
$ 90 (Є60)