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     Fake Cypraea carneola..... Did you guess correctly ? 

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  Bursidae ; Cassidae ;  Conidae ; Cypraeidae, Fasciolariidae
  Marginellidae; Muricidae ; Olividae; Pectinidae ; Pleurotomariidae 
  Spondylidae; Strombidae


Cypraea thersites contraria  
, 68mm,  live-taken
Off Port Lincoln, .W. Australia
Trawled at 100m

This form is so very rare...
there are
some soft growth lines, but very hard to 
get now.   
$ 1200 (Є 799)

Cypraea volvens                        SPECIAL
, 20mm,  live-taken  
Port Alfred, South Africa
Dredged at 120m 

Super specimen ! Very rare !
Delicate spotting ... only one !

$ 1250
Cypraea leucodon                      SPECIAL
F+ ,
82mm, looks live-taken
Cebu, Philippines 
Ex tangle nets at 100m.
Still very rare.. Has dorsal growth mark,
but special price !
$ 450 (Є  300) 

Harpa gracilis                            SPECIAL
, 22mm,  live-taken 
Atoll de Napuka, Tuamotu
Dived on sand at 15m

Very Rare live-taken!!!! Found in 1997.. from old collection.  Seldom offered live.
$ 745 (Є  497)  
Cypraea armeniaca                  SPECIAL
F++  ,
88mm, live-taken 
Great Australian Bight, Sth. Australia
Trawled at 180m.
Lovely large yellow dorsal blotch
$ 80 (Є  54)   
Cypraea azurea                        SPECIAL
F++ , 28mm,  live-taken 
Broome, W. Australia
Dived on reef at 10m
Super specimen ! Very LARGE !!!
$ 60 (Є  40) 
Conus barthelemyi                   SPECIAL
F+ ,  61mm,  live-taken
Dived on reef at 30m 
Very dark orange, nice spotting !!!
$ 30 (Є 20) 
Volutoci\onus bednalli              SPECIAL
F++ , 97mm,  live-taken 
off  Thursday Is., N. Australia
Trawled at 60m. 
Classic rarity ! Superb pattern !!!
 $ 95 (Є 64) 

Cypraea castanea castanea     SPECIAL
  , 35mm , dead-taken
Cape St. Francis, S. Africa
Dived on reef at 40m 

VERY rare !! Even dead-taken. Has 1 
small drill-hole  - still has some gloss ! 
$ 75 (Є 50) 
Cypraea cervus                         SPECIAL
, 115mm, live-taken 
Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
Dived at 20m on reef  
Very Large, small nick in anterior canal !
 $ 40 (Є 27) 

Cypraea stolida clavicola
, 25mm, live-taken  
Off Somalia
Trawled at 40m.
Very rare locality !! Superb specimen !

 $ 50 (Є 33) 
Cypraea marginata consueta   SPECIAL
, 60mm, live-taken
Off Carnac Is., SW Australia
Dived on sponge at 14m. 
Very dark spotting, Exceptional colour 
and quality !!
 $ 145 (Є 97) 

Cypraea coronata debruini       SPECIAL
, 31mm, live-taken 
Hout Bay, South Africa
Dived on reef at 35m 

Habitat now protected... nice spotting !
Beautiful pattern and basal teeth.
 $ 80 (Є 53)
Cypraea erosa   (Dwarf)           SPECIAL
, 18mm, live-taken 
On coral reef at night, 1-2m
Superb specimen.. !! Very small !!!
$ 30 (Є20)
Marginella floccata                   SPECIAL
F+  , 24mm, live-taken 
Port Alfred , South Africa
Dredged at 100m. 
Dark, deep-water specimen.. very rare.!
$ 20 (Є13)
Chicoreus florifer 
, 48mm, live-taken , w/o
Tarpum Bay, Bahamas
Dived on reef at 15m.
Very rare "black" form - only from Bahamas
$ 75 (Є 50)
Cypraea friendii friendii
, 86mm,  live-taken
Binningup, S.W. Australia
Dived on sponge reef at26m
Fantastic quality and dark spotting.
$ 85 (Є 57)
Cypraea grayana                       SPECIAL
, 46mm, Live-taken 
from Quram beach, Muscat, Oman
from ship-wreck
Very rare - yellow form !!
$ 35 (Є23)
Cypraea coloba greegori            SPECIAL    
, 24mm,  live-taken
Kor Bon Is, Phuket, Thailand
Dived on reef at 30 m
Uncommon sub-species.
$ 20 (Є 13)
Cypraea hesitata hesitata            SPECIAL
, 93mm,  live--taken
Victoria, Australia
Trawled at 180m.
Exceptional colour and quality !!
$ 60 (Є 40)
Cypraea hesitata howelli             SPECIAL
, 90mm,  live-taken
Victoria, Australia
Trawled at 150m.
Very rare sub-species......
$ 95 (Є 64)
Cypraea stolida kwajaleinensis    SPECIAL
26mm,  live-taken
North Loi Is. , Kwajalein
Dived under rocks at 5-15m
Rare sub-species... very beautiful markings...
$ 110 (Є 73)

Cypraea fuscodentata grohorum   SPECIAL
, 29mm,  live-taken
Buffels Bay, Sape Town, S. Africa
Dived on sponge  at 15-25m
Habitat now protected.. very hard to
$ 25 (Є 17)

Cypraea oweni oweni                    SPECIAL
, 16mm,  live-taken
Mahebourg, Mauritius
Dived on coral at 3m at night.

Super rare sub-species....more so than
oweni vasta. Seldom offered... Only 1 .
$ 250 (Є165)

Cypraea porteri                                    SPECIAL
, 49mm,  live-taken
Bohol, Philippines
Ex tangle nets at 100m

Very dark and beautiful...
rare in this condition !!
$ 250 (Є 165)
Siphocypraea problematica         SPECIAL
, 50mm,  fossil
Sarasota , Florida, USA
APAC fossil pits
Rare in this quality - full gloss !!!!!!
$ 60 (Є 40)
Cypraea stolida rubiginosa    
, 25mm,  live-taken
Laccadive Is., India
Dived at 2-5m under dead coral. 
Gorgeous blotching ! Very rare !!!!
$ 50 (Є 33)
Cypraea thersites                            SPECIAL
, 66mm,  live-taken
Freemantle,  W. Australia
Dived on  reef at 30m.
Gorgeous dark margins...... 
$ 30 (Є 20)

Cypraea friendii vercoi             SPECIAL
, 82mm,  live-taken
off Albany, SW Australia
Dived at 20m
Superb !! beautiful dark dorsal band...

really stunning.. Not to be missed !!!!

$ 150 (100)