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                                                               Updated on : 29 September 2009

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  Conidae ; Cypraeidae, Muricidae ; Olividae ; StrombidaeVolutidae

             These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!

Cypraea amphithales
, 27mm,  dead-collected  
Algoa Bay, South Africa
Dived on reef at 20m

This is a superb example of this 
extremely rare species. This is super rare  live-taken, and even for a dead shell - this is fantastic quality !
$ 250 (Є  172) 

Cypraea eludens delicatura 
, 49mm,  live-taken  
Peak Island, W. Auatralia
Dived at 45m on sponge reef 

Super dark and fabulous specimen !
These are very difficult to obtain now.
One of the best seen !
Cypraea broderipii
F   ,
79mm, live-taken
off  Natal, South Africa
Dived at 40m on reef
Although this has been bitten by a fish; it
survived the the attack and even glossed over the fish bite ! 
(Until the diver got it... ;)
$ 975 (Є  670) 

Perotrochus amabilis 
, 42mm,  live-taken, w/o
off  Tortugas, Florida
Dredged at 120 m.

Very Rare !!!! Found in 1971.. from
old collection.  Seldom offered.
$ 1500 (Є  1035)  

Perotrochus lucaya
F++  ,
36mm, live-taken, w/o
off  Grand Bahamas
Dredged by research boat at 400-500m

Exceptional specimen ! Found in 1979,
from old collection !! Only one !


$ 1600 (Є  1105)   

Bayertrochus midas 
Gem- , 59mm,  live-taken, w/o
Fernandez Bay, San Salvador
Found on vertical wall at 850m !
Very ,very rare !  Superb specimen.
Found in 1992. Seldom offered.......
$ 1950 (Є  1345) 

Cypraea vercoi lentignosa
Gem- ,  70mm,  live-taken
Near Coffin Is., W. Australia
Dived on sponge at 62m !!!! 

Very rare ! ! Super specimen !
Seldom found in this excellent colour
and quality !!!  Only one !
$ 1850 (Є 1275) 

Cypraea mappa aliwalensis
F++ , 67mm,  live-taken 
off  Natal, South Africa
Dived at 40m on reef 

Beautiful specimen ! Exceptional
not often found in this grade ! Rare ! 
 $ 175 (Є 120) 
Cypraea algoensis bettyensis 
  , 19mm , dead-taken
Bettys Bay, S. Africa
Dived on reef at 35m 
VERY rare !! Even dead-taken. Has 3 
small drill-holes - full gloss ! 
$ 75 (Є 52) 

Chicoreus brunneus
, 74mm, live-taken, w/o 
Laminusa Is., Philippines
Dived at 3-8 m.  

Exceptional quality and beauty !! 
 $ 15 (Є 10) 

Cypraea hesistata capricornica
, 63mm, live-taken  
Off Moreton Bay, E. Australia
Trawled at 240m,
One of the rarest forms ! Small chip at
posterior canal... but still exceptional !! 

 $ 75 (Є 52) 
Bolinus cornutus
, 142mm, live-taken, w/o
Off N'Gor, Senegal
Collected on mangroves 
Very Large ! Lovely dark specimen !!!
 $ 80 (Є 56) 

Conus cribraria "niger + rostrate"
, 25mm, live-taken 
Prony Bay, N. Caledonia
Dived on reef at 1-5 m 

Rare ! Superb black dorsum and upturned
rostrate terminals. 
 $ 150 (Є 103)
Cypraea capensis gorda
, 31mm, live-taken 
Off Port Alfred, S. Africa
Ex Crayfish Traps at 40m
Superb specimen.. !! Very rare. Large !!
$ 365 (Є 250)

Cypraea jeaniana jeaniana
F++ , 70mm, live-taken 
Off mid-west coast, West Australia
Trawled at 100-120m       

Superb pattern , colour and quality !!!
Eantastic blotches and marginal bands.
Rare "ginger" color !!!

Cypraea algoensis permarginata
, 21mm, live-taken 
Off Cape Agulhas, South Africa
from crayfish Traps at 150m

This is the real thing ! Not algoensis
sanfrancisca ! It is also a rare
albinistic form ! Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$ 350 (Є 240)

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata    
, 72mm,  live-taken
Rock Dunder, S.W. Australia
Dived on sponge reef at 52-55m

Gorgeous pink terminals....
This form is so rare... and this is a
selected specimen !!!

Absolutely a must for exceptional
collectors of beautiful Cypraea !!!
$ 1100 (Є 760)

Cypraea rashleighana
, 18mm, dead-taken 
Kanehoe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
Dived at 20m on reef

Not taken live any more ! Very rare !!
Lovely specimen !!
$ 250 172)

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata    
                roseoimmaculata   form
, 68mm,  live-taken
Cape Vancouver, Albany, S.W. Australia
Dived on sponge reef at 46-48m

Super rare pink immaculate form !!!!.
Exceptional, even though this 
specimen has some mior defects.
$ 1450 (Є 999)
Cypraea teremachii  
, 61mm,  dead-taken
Cebu, Philippines
Ex tangle nets at 100m
Very rare.... even in this condition !!
$ 975 (Є 672)

Cypraea thersites contraria  
, 68mm,  live-taken
Off Port Lincoln, .W. Australia
Trawled at 100m

This form is so very rare... there are
some soft growth lines, but this is a
very sought after sub-species. 
Only one !!
$ 1415 (Є 975)
Cypraea jeaniana sherylae    
, 67mm,  live-taken
Albany, W. Australia
Dived on sponge reef at 38-42m
Gorgeous vertical blotches !! Unique
pattern..... !!
$ 250 (Є 172)

Cypraea venusta roseopunctata    
, 67mm,  live-taken
Walpole, south coast, .W. Australia
Dived on sponge reef at 58-62m
Gorgeous blotching and pink-cream
base.... has soft growth line, not very
noticeable... excellent !
$ 420 (Є 290)