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     Dosinia sp-560  ;)

                                                               Updated on : 8 August 2009

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Cypraea perlae perlae
, 37mm,  live-taken  

This shell is in the collection of a good
friend, but I would just like to
share with you the beauty of this
rare species.
Cypraea barclayi 
, 24mm,  live-taken  
off  Natal, South Africa
Dived at 45m on reef 
Super dark orage - fabulous specimen !
Cypraea cruickshanki
F+++  ,
32mm, live-taken
off  Natal, South Africa
Trawled at 300m +
From an old collection. One of the
true classic rarities ! No more are
coming up fresh !
Cypraea fultoni fultoni 
, 58mm,  ex pisces
off  Natal, South Africa
Ex pises - 1981 - from old collection
One of the rarest of all Cypraea. 
This specimen if featured in Liltved's
Cypraea book. 
Cypraea broderipii
F++  ,
83mm, live-taken
off  Natal, South Africa
Dived on reed at 45m
Exceptional colour and pattern !!!!
Stunning - and breath-taking !!

Lyria beaui 
F , 68mm,  live-taken, w/o
Grand Cul de Sac, Guadaloupe
From traps at 200m
Very Large and very rare !  
$ 775 (Є  545) 

Cypraea cernica kermadecensis
F++ ,  25mm,  live-taken
Raoul Is., Kermadecs
Dived on reef at 25m 

Very rare locality ! Super specimen !
$ 890 (Є 625) 
Cypraea marginata consueta
F+++, 60mm,  live-taken 
off Carnac Is., SW Australia
Dived at 14m under sponge          
Beautiful pattern ! Exceptional and 
Striking !!!  
 $ 195 (Є 137) 
Mitra espinosa f. dominicana 
+ , 12mm , fresh
SE coast of Dominican Rep.
Dead under coral at 2m
VERY rare !! Ony one ! 
$ 45 (Є 32) 

Lyria guionneti
, 33mm, fresh 
south Isle of Pines, N. Caledonia
Dredged at 400m 

Very rare "white form". Not obtainable
any more - protected area 
 $ 675 (Є 475) 

Lyria insignata
34mm, live-taken 
Raoul Is., Kermadecs
Dived on reef at 25m 

Beautiful - newly described species.
Fantastic pattern and quality !!

 $  1845 (Є 1299) 

Cypraea jeaniana jeaniana
, 70mm, live-taken  
Red Bluff, Carnarvon, W. Australia
Dived at 45m on sponge  
Gorgeous dorsal pattern, black base..
Absolutely amazing shell ! 

 $ 425 (Є 299) 
Stellaria lamberti  (Xenophoridae)
, 41mm, live-taken
North Bleps, N. Caledonia
Dredged at 80m 
Very rare - delicate and beautiful !
 $ 140 (Є 99) 
Conus luciae
, 34mm, live-taken 
Norfolk Ridge, N. Caledonia
Dredged at 250m 
Rare ! Lovely mauve dorsum !! 
 $ 595 (Є 419)
Amalda maritzae
, 45mm, fresh 
south Pine Is., N. Caledonia
Dredged at 250m
Newly described - very rare !!!!      
$ 595 (Є 419)
Tonna melanostoma
F++ , 76mm, fresh  
north Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
In crab traps at 70m       
Superb pattern , colour and quality !!!
$ 195 (Є 137)
Entomoliva mirabilis
,19mm, live-taken
Norfolk Ridge, N. Caledonia
Dredged at 250m
Super rare and lovely !! Only one !
 $ 345 (Є 243)

Lyria poppei    (form A)
, 29mm, live-taken 
Norfolk Ridge, N. Caledonia
Dredged at 250m

Fantastic pattern and quality -very
rare - now in a protected area !
$ 725 (Є 510)

Lyria poppei    (form B)
, 31mm, live-taken 
Norfolk Ridge, N. Caledonia
Dredged at 250m

Different pattern from form A - has more
spiral dashes  - very rare !
$ 595 (Є 419)
Chicoreus protoglobosus
, 47mm, crabbed
Grand Passage, N. Caledonia
Dredged at 200m 
Large and striking - very rare !!!   
$ 580 (Є 408)

Cymbiola rossiniana    
, 154mm,  live-taken
south Lagoon, N. Caledonia
Dived on reef at 15m 

Large and superb ! Locality now a protected area... no more will be found.
$ 525 (Є 370)
Fusinus sandwichensis
, 110mm, live-taken , w/o
Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii
Dredged at 60m
Super shell - quite rare, with perio. !!
$ 120 (Є 85)
Phalium umbilicatum   
, 59mm,  live-taken
north shore, Oahu, Hawaii
From crab traps, 70m 
Gorgeous colour and ribbing ! Lovely !
$ 90 (Є 63)

Bursa verrucosa
, 38mm, live-taken , w/o
Raoul Is., Kermadec Islands
Dived at 25m on reef  

Large and exceptionally beautiful 
shell : great colour and quality !
Very rare !!     
$ 650 (Є 452)