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Updated on : 1st May 2009

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             These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!
Pseudocypraea adamsonii 
, 8mm,  live-taken  
Fernao Velosa Bay, Mozambique
Dived in coral at 2-3m
Beautiful shell, Very rare !!!!
$ 24 (Є 18) 

Lyria anna
, 57mm,  fresh dead
off Mauritius
Trawled at 150m
Super Rare ! Seldom offered

For Volute specialist- don't miss this one
First time offered......
Cypraea castanea castanea                     mv-13
F++  ,
36mm, live-taken
Cape St. Francis, S. Africa
Live on reef at 45m
Exceptional quality - great dorsal blotching !
$ 1750 (Є 1295) 
Conus capensis                                          mv-11
, 30mm,  live-taken
Algoa Bay, S. Africa
Dived at 20m on reef
"immaculata" form - no dorsal blotch !
  SUPERB    !
$ 50 (Є 37) 

Cypraea connelli                                       mv-14
F++  ,
28mm, live-taken
Coffee Bay, Transkei, S. Africa
Dredged live at 80m
Lovely peach/pink dorsum - with great
marginal spotting.
Soft growth line on dorsum.
A great shell !
$ 1500 (Є 1125) 
Conus crocatus
Gem, 60mm,  live-taken
Samar, Philippines
Ex tangle nets, 100m
Marvellous ! Exceptional specimen !!!
$ 203 (Є  150) 
Marginella croukampi
Gem, 12mm,  live-taken
off Algoa Bay, S. Africa
Dredged at 100 m
Very rare !! Deep-water form - first time
offered. Exceptional
$ 175 (Є  130) 

Cypraea cruickshanki                           mv-18
F, 28mm,  crabbed 
Durban, S. Africa
Trawled at 500m       
Beautiful dorsum  !! Had hole in base but

this has been filed in. Super rare species.
Not been found live for many many years
now. !!!
$ 1250 (Є  925) 
Cypraea eglantina niger
, 56mm , live-taken
Bournail, New Caledonia
Dived at 10 m on reef 
Super DARK BACK dorsum !!!!! A beauty ! 
$ 75 (Є 55) 

Cypraea coronata gabriellii
, 25mm, live-taken 
Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Dredged live at 80m
Extremely rare now ! Seldom found.

This is a rare globose form !!! Only one !     
 $ 375 (Є 278) 

Cypraea fuscorubra gondwanalandensis
, 28mm, live-taken                                 mv-27
off Cape Agulhas, South Africa
Dived on soft corals at 33m
Fantastic specimen - very rare now

Area a marine reserve. Not dived any more.

 $ 295 (Є 218) 

Cypraea hesitata bedommei
, 59mm, live-taken 
N.S.W. , Australia
Trawled at 80m
Gorgeous spotting ! Dark ! Fantastic

 $ 68 (Є 50) 
Cypraea leucodon
, 87mm, live-taken 
Cebu, Philippines
In tangle nets at 100m 
Classical rarity ! Lovely dark dorsum !!
 $ 750 (Є 555) 
Oliva porphyria
, 92mm, live-taken 
Pedro Gonzales Is., Panama
Live on sand at 10m
LARGE and beautiful !!!
 $ 47 (Є 35)
Cypraea problematica
, 59mm, fossil !
Sarasota Cty, Florida, USA
APAC Fossil Pit
Fantastic gloss and colour for fossil !
$ 125 (Є 93)
Cypraea sakurai
, 44mm, live-taken  
Balut Is., Philippines
Trawled at 200m - tangle nets         
Superb pattern and quality !!!!!!
Very bulbous , heavy form - lovely !
$ 375 (Є 277)
Cypraea algoensis sanfrancisca
, 23mm, live-taken
Jeffreys Bay, S. Africa
Dredged live at 80m
Large ! With dark Margins - lovely !
 $ 50 (Є 37)

Strombus taurus
, 96mm, live-taken , w/o
Hospital Pt., Guam
Dived at 20 m on reef
Fantastic quality - dark colouration !!!! Large !

Top of the range.....
$ 150 (Є 112)
Cypraea thersites                                 mv-120
, 66mm,  live-taken
Edithburg, west Australia
Dived at 10 m on sponge
black Niger form !!! Very Rare
$ 445 (Є 330)
Cypraea ventriculus topee                    mv-69
, 42mm, live-taken
Cook Islands
Dived under slabs at 10-20m
Quite rare ! Great quality ! Dark margins !
$ 65(Є 48)
Cypraea venusta episema
, 61mm, live-taken
west Australia
Dived on reef at 25m
Very ncie dark dorsum !!!
$ 40(Є 30)