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 Conus brianhayesi

  Marginella hayesi 

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These are just a few of our new shells. Many more are on our price-list, so please check it out !!



Cypraea armeniaca brunnea              
, 98mm,  live-taken
West of Adelaide, Australia
Trawled in deep water !!
Superlative specimen.... One soft growth line on 
dorsum and one sand grain inclusion.. Impossible to
get any more now... Very rare !!!!

Cypraea fultoni massieri                
, 68mm,  live-taken
Off southern Mozambique
Trawled at 150 m
Exceptional specimen : beautiful  pattern ;  one small 
posterior pin-head indentation - otherwise fantastic !
Getting rarer and rarer... not being taken any more !
$ 1095 (Є  842) 
Nodipecten fragosus
, 119mm,  live-taken
Off Panama City,Florida, USA
Dived at 25m...... on reef
Very rare now!! Fantastic orange color - and superb
quality ! Found in 1987 - from old collection.. Not
found in recent years !! 
Cypraea ketyana hypermarginata               
F++ , 52mm,  live-taken  
Bernier Is.,  Australia
Dived on sponge at 38m.
Wonderful specimen.. Neglible soft growth
line on dorsum.. ! Superb dark orange 
base ! Beautiful !!
Cymbiola rossiniana                 
Gem ,
165mm,  live-taken  
southern New Caledonia
Dived on reef at 35m   
Beautiful specimen......lovely pattern. And Gem !! Seldom found any more.. Large and
supern. Mature lip !
$ 1160 (Є  895)
Conus milneedwadsii clytospira
Gem- , 148mm , live-taken, w/o
Laccadive Is., India
Trawled at 140m. 
Almost flawless.... Fantastic size and quality. Seldom seen and offered like this.  
$ 650 (Є  500)
Conus milneedwadsii 
F++ , 160mm , live-taken, w/o
southern Mozambique
Trawled at 150m. 
Very large - one 7cm growth line on dorsum. - otherwise perfect ! Rare locality !!! from old
collection !
 $455 (Є  350) 

Cypraea stolida            
,  46 mm 
Noumea, New Caledonia
Dived at 15-20m.
Exceptional rostration... Niger form.
From old collection... not found like this
any more !!! 

Cypraea mappa aliwalensis    
, 59mm, live-taken 
Natal, South Africa
Dived on reef at 35m
Lovely specimen... very rare.. large with
nice pattern !
Chicoreus fosteri
, 89mm, live-taken  , w/o
Sinai, Egypt, Red Sea
Dived on reef at 25m
Beautiful - gorgeous... exceptional color.
and sculpture.. from area which is now 
in accessible... Very rare !
Cypraea perlae delicatura       
, 59mm, live-taken  
Murion Is., west Australia
Dived at night at 32m on sponge
Superb large specimen !! One sand grain
bump on margin - otherwise Gem..
reall beautiful, mature shell !!!
Nodipecten fragosus
, 142mm,  live-taken
Off Panama City, Florida, USA
Dived at 35m...... on reef
Absolutely HUGE size... not found like this
for many years ! Gorgeous mauve/purple
color !! from old collection !!!
Livonia roadnightae                   
, 187mm, live-taken  
Victoria, west Australia 
Trawled at 150m.
Superb quality and pattern... not often found
like this... Only one ! Very LARGE !
$ 325 (Є 250)
Cypraea cribraria            
, 27mm, live-taken 
Noumea, New Caledonia
Dived on reef at 18m 
Niger and rostrate... Exceptional quality ! 
Cypraea cylindrica             
++ , 37 mm ,  live-taken
Noumea, New Caledonia
Dived on reef at 18m 
Fantastic rostration ! Seldom seen like this !
Soft dorsal growth line.. but still exceptional
Cypraea eglantina 
, 61mm, live-taken  
Noumea, New Caledonia
Dived on reef at 18m 
Very dark niger specimen. Rostrated and
beautiful !! Large !
$ 150 (Є 115)   
Cypraea leucodon           
F++  , 86mm , live-taken  
Cebu, Philippines
Ex tangle nets at 100m
Large and beautiful... has small dorsal
growth mark. Still very rare !
$ 690 (Є 530)
Cypraea boucheti 
, 18mm, fresh dead
Cebu, Philippines
Ex tangle nets at 100m. 
Fresh dead - but glossy... super !
Cypraea porteri    
,44mm, live-taken  
Cebu, Philippines
Ex tangle nets at 100m. 
Beautiful specimen !!
Conus pulcher   
, 200mm, live-taken 
Darkar , Senegal
Dived in 5-10m.
Wow ! you dont get them this large any more ! From old collection !!!