So where is “Algoa Bay” ?? This is a bay (see map outline above) at the tip of Africa. The biggest city at Algoa Bay is Port Elizabeth, numbering about a million people.

The Cypraea capensis is our logo shell, and can be found in Algoa Bay. The business is owned and run by Brian and Sharon Hayes, who have been in shell-dealing now for over 25 years. We deal in quality marine specimen shells, and over the last decade we were  the largest shell dealer in South Africa, until emigrating to the USA in 2009. But we continue to specialize in S. African shells and
offer many of these great shells.

We pride ourselves on our quality, diversity and integrity. We obtain shells from many sources : local divers, collectors, deep-water fishing vessels and dredgers. No order is too insignificant for us and we go out of our way to help collectors improve their collections.

Brian travels to many different shell shows every year, including the Paris, Antwerp and COA (Conchologists of America) show in the USA. He would be happy to meet you at one of these shows and talk to you about shells. We also are happy to trade shells : if you have any uncommon to rare shells to offer, please send us a list. Or if you have rare shells to sell, we would be happy to take a look at them.

Why not email us & begin a long-term friendship ?... Looking forward to hearing from you !