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A new specimen of Cypraeovula amphithlaes perdentata Raybaudi, 1995, found off South Africa

In 1995 Raybaudi first described a, at that time unique, specimen thought to be Cypraea amphithales Melvill, 1888. (See also Lorenz & Hubert, 1993: 568). The specimen that Raybaudi described measured about 35mm. Raybaudi viewed this as a hybrid between Cyp. capensis and Cyp. fuscodentata, and called it Cypraeovula amphithales perdentata.

The specimen featured here is a second specimen of perdentata measuring 36.9mm. It is figured in the above 4 photos, with photo # 4 being figured with an average-sized specimen of Cypraea capensis of 26 mm !!!!

This specimen was found off Algoa Bay /Jeffreys Bay area, which is the region where the range of C. capensis and C. fuscodentata overlap, fitting in with Raybaudi’s conclusion.

The specimen in the above photos is very heavy and mature, showing the lovely dark mottled dorsal colours typical of deep-water C. fuscodentata from off Algoa Bay. (as shown in the photo below).

The perdentata also has the teeth of a C. capensis and not that of a C. fuscodentata.

So, it appears to be a very rare hybrid species !!!

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