Comparison of Cypraea castanea latebrosa and Cypraea iutsui iutsui
These 3 photos show C. castanea latebrosa (34mm) on the left
and Cypraea iutsui iutsui (33mm) on the right.

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South Africa has a small number of rare deep-water Cypraea shells.
These are:
cruickshanki castanea latebrosa broderipii
iutsui iutsui castanea castanea connelli
iutsui atlantica barclayi lisetae
iutsui levissima fultoni fultoni immelmani
The subject of this short article is a comparison between Cypraea castanea latebrosa and Cypraea iutsui iutsui. These shells were trawled off the area between Algoa Bay and Jeffreys Bay, South Africa at a depth of approximately 100m.
The main differences between these 2 species are : the latebrosa is more compact , heavier and has a different colour pattern to the iutsui. The latebrosa has basal teeth which are more yellow. The iutsui has a lighter shell in general, with more produced terminals, easily seen in the above photos.
There is of course the possibility that these 2 species might inter-breed and form hybrids.
There follows to the right a photo of the Cypraea castanea castanea, which is the shallow water form of castanea and is dived at 40m deep off Jeffeys Bay.
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The Cypraea castanea castanea has a much more elongate form than the castanea latebrosa.
It is also much lighter in weight.

(Photo of a live-taken Cypraea iutsui iutsui
courtesy of Dai Herbert)

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